Spells are all connected, joined together. 

Master the  dark art of graph weaving to destroy your foes. 

Plan ahead, as you delve deep into a dark Crypt.


In this turn based combat, each action is connected to others in your Spell Graph. You can only choose actions for which there is an edge connecting it! 

- Use Left/Right arrow keys to cycle through actions 

- press X (usually Z on your keyboard) to select your action

After battles your Spell Graph   will be augmented by

- a new Spell being added (up to 7)

- an edge being added

- an edge being removed

Its game over if you run out of health, and monsters will get stronger the deeper your delve into the crypt. So think carefully!


src (also downloadable below) 



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AuthorAlec T
Made withTIC-80
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam, Pixel Art, TIC-80, Turn-based, Turn-Based Combat


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game has a neat idea .... however the rng can bog it down and cause the player to be stuck in a loop of 

enemy attacks -> cant do anything -> take unnesecary damage -> get shield -> enemy does nothing -> waste more turns -> attack -> enemy has shield.

if there was a better way to plan ahead it would be MUCH better. but as it is now .... still a neat idea to try!

ok that remove an ege thing doest work. it only selects 2 options when there are more than that. and no im not alking about getting stuck on a tile and not being able to go further in the loop but this just is rely anoying. also when i die and restart the game craches. maby a bit bome codeing needs to be done

There is strategy in choosing where to add and remove paths, but that is it. Sometimes one can't even move one with a battle because hero and enemy attacks and defense sync and there is no way to get off the loop. There could be a option to repeat the current spell or move along a path. Or the player could use the wait spell to miss one more action, instead of just doing nothing.

Cool concept, but not enough depth. Also it's a bit repetitive.