One small step (ladder) for mankind, one giant leap for Astro the Astronaut! Traverse micro sized planetary puzzles with the help of Astro's trusty ladder.


  1. Use ◀️ and ▶️ to walk around planet
  2. 🅰️ button to pickup Ladder. Press 🅰️ again to drop it
  3. While holding, you can use 🔼 and 🔽 to adjust grip point height. Press ❎ and 🇾 to shift your grip point along the ladder.
  4. Place the ladder on 2 Planets, then press 🅱️ to begin climbing the ladder! Press 🅱️ again to try and get off, though you’ll need to be close enough to a planet.
  5. Reach the Red flag in each level to progress. There are 6 levels.

Have fun!

Here’s the button mapping if you’re using a keyboard

  • Arrow keys for movement
  • “Z” on keyboard to pickup/drop ladder
  • “X” on keyboard get on/off ladder to climb

Made in TIC-80 , written in  the Janet Language, for Ludum Dare 54